“Truth and Lies at the Foot of the Cross:
The Church and God’s LGBTQ+ Children”

About the Lecture:

We’ve all heard how everyone’s equal at the foot of the cross. That doesn’t seem to apply to LGBTQ+ people, however, according to many Christians. In fact, the disgust and hatred of LGBTQ+ people among many Christians is so great that they eagerly accept, tell, create, and repeat lies and falsehoods about the queer community and work actively to limit, roll back, and deny civil and human rights to LGBTQ+ people. Surely, however, of all places, the foot of the cross is a place for truths. On the cross, Jesus sided with the marginalized, oppressed, and despised. The resurrection was God’s affirmation of that choice, and, in his “coming out” of the tomb, Jesus offered hope, possibility, love, and welcome. We’ll explore truths and lies at the foot of the cross, drawing from the latest headlines, biological, medical, and social sciences, gender studies, and theological and biblical studies and make a specific case for Baptist welcome of God’s LGBTQ+ children.


Our 2023 Annual Lecture was a huge success! Thank you to all of our sponsors, to our host Wilshire Baptist Church, and to all of you who viewed the lecture in person or online.

A recording of our lecture is available above. We hope to see you in 2024!