Awards Presented by The Association of Welcoming & Affirming Baptists

Randle R. Mixon Award for Christian Service

The Randle R. Mixon Award for Christian Service is given to an individual clergyperson whose work has helped to increase the inclusion of sexual minorities within Baptist bodies and has served to advance the cause of justice by educating congregations and organizations about sexual minority and gender identity issues.

Barbra MacNair Award for Christian Witness

The Barbra MacNair Award for Christian Witness is given to an individual layperson whose life has inspired understanding and acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people by opening dialogue that would not otherwise be there, opening the eyes of those who might otherwise turn away, and, by example, helping to advance the affirmation of everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Historically, awards have been presented every two years in conjunction with the biennial meetings of the American Baptist Churches USA. However, we are pleased to announce that these awards will now be bestowed annually so we can more regularly celebrate the welcoming and affirming work of our Baptist community. Nominations for the 2024 edition of these awards are being accepted through April 30, 2024. Please email your nominee’s name and a letter of recommendation to us at

Past Recipients

Randle R. Mixon Award for Christian Service
Geyserville, CA: Randle R. Mixon
1999 Des Moines, IA: H. James Hopkins
2001 Providence, RI: Brenda Moulton
2003 Richmond, VA: Craig Darling
2005 Denver, CO: Darrell Lance
2007 Washington DC: Howard Bess
2009 Pasadena, CA: Stan Hastey
2013 Providence, RI: Heather Rittenhouse
2015 Overland Park, KS: Robin Lunn
2017 Portland, OR: David Reese Weasley
2019 Virginia Beach, VA: Aidsand Wright-Riggins, III
2021 Nashville, TN: April Baker
2023 Atlanta, GA: George Mason

Barbra MacNair Award for Christian Witness 
2005 Denver, CO: Barbra MacNair
2007 Washington DC: Chris Boisvert
2009 Pasadena, CA: Kathy Stayton
2013 Providence, RI: Peggy Campolo
2015 Overland Park, KS: Jodi Robinson
2017 Portland, OR: Bea Hoffman
2019 Birmingham, AL: Helen Moore-Montgomery
2021 Dallas, TX: Aubin Petersen
2023 San Juan, PR: Shella Chace