Rainbow Circle

You can help someone come home to love and acceptance today.

AWAB churches have offered a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, and arms to embrace for fifty years. Over 160 churches are a part of our family, and we’d love to see this family grow.

Join the Rainbow Circle of monthly donors as an individual today in order to help sustain compassion rather than rejection from our faith communities. Your support of AWAB will help us to increase our mission of advancing the Radical Welcome and Love of God in Jesus Christ and will enable us to reach more churches and more individuals seeking the Love of God that has been denied by many for far too long.

For as little as $10 per month, you will receive:


Free and/or deeply discounted fees for all AWAB events

Receive personal communications from AWAB annually

Annual public recognition for your support

A super-cool Rainbow Circle lapel pin

I have seen people come into our church and weep throughout an entire service because they feel they have come home. The stories of heartache and rejection are common, and it is an honor to sit with someone as they tell their story.

Shella Chace

Former Board Member, AWAB

Monthly Rainbow Circle Levels:

  • Coming Out – $10.
    “Coming out is the process of self-identifying and self-acceptance that entails the sharing of their identity with others…There are many different degrees of being out, and coming out is a lifelong process.” PFlag
  • Turtle – $25.
    Per the Voice of the Turtle, the 1979 newspaper for American Baptists Concerned, “Behold the turtle, it makes progress only when it sticks its neck out.” James B. Conant.
  • Lavender – $50.
    “The “lavender scare” was a moral panic about homosexual people in the United States government which led to their mass dismissal from government service during the mid-20th century.” WMHT
  • Glitter – $75.
    “Parity, a faith-based LGBTQ-focused organization based in NYC, says that glitter is a part of this tradition because, like love, it’s ‘irresistible and irrepressible’ and ‘never gives up.’” Parity
  • Pride – $100.
    “Pride, as opposed to shame and social stigma, is the predominant outlook that bolsters most LGBT rights movements.” Pride

If you would like to financially support AWAB by sending a check, please send it to:
PO Box 7834
Louisville, KY 40257
Designate in the memo line “Rainbow Circle.”

If you would like to give at a different monthly amount than these levels, please complete this Rainbow Circle form

Total Rainbow Circle Members

Our generous Rainbow Circle Members:

Adam Banks
Adam Gray

Adrienne McNair and Josie Zanfordino
Aidsand & Betty Wright-Riggins
Alan Newton
Allison Tanner
Andrew Murphy
Angela Barker Jackson
Angela Litwiler
Ashley & Jeff Whitaker
Aubin & Mark Petersen
Aubrey Ducker
Bianca Luna
Benjamin Boswell
Bill & Kathy Stayton
Bob Sittig
Brian Foreman
Brian Henderson
Carol Bartlett
Cathy Baskin
Clifford Matthews, Jr.
Craig Henry

Curtis Price
Dale Edmondson
Dave Hunt
David Grebel
David Harris
Dallas Flippin
David Key
Deborah Haag
(Dennis Tanner – deceased)
Dianne Du
Doug & Micky Holmes
Eliecia Young
Elizabeth Pia-Miller
Erica Van Brakle
Evan Bever
Evan Duncan

Fred & Judy Fackenthal
Gail Hill
Garrick Combs
George Mason
Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons
Hadley Pridgen
Heather Deal
Jake Hall
Jamie Washam
Janet Clark
Janet Cole
Jason Mack
Jennifer Sanborn
Jim Hopkins
John Ray Roberts
Jon Singletary
Jordan Conley
Joshua & Jessica Hearne
Josie Zanfordino
Joy Pemberton
Joyce Reed
Judson Day
Karen Irons
Kathy Donley & Jim Wilkerson
Kathryn Ray
Kevin Davis
Kevin Pranoto
Kurt Kaufman
Laura Levens
Laura Miraz
Lauren Ng
Madison McClendon
Margaret Simon
Maria Stinett
Marian Coger
Martha Bradshaw
Martha VanCleave
Mary Alice Birdwhistell
Mary Passage
Melinda Welton-Mitchell
Michael Burch
Michael Ford
Michelle Nickens

Naro Pongen
Natalie Aho
Nathan Byrd
Nicole Iaquinto
Pamela Robinson-Durso
Paul & Wendy Hayes
Paul Schneider
Perry Ballard
Pete Shaw

Rachael Lawrence
Raymond Cox
Reba Cobb
Rebecca Irwin-Diehl
Richard Reed
Rick Barlow
Rick Mixon
Ruth Harvey
Ryan Busby
Sandra Hasenauer
Sandra John
Sarah Strosahl-Kagi
Scott Green
Seth Clark
Shella Chace
Stephen & Janice Jones
Stephen Bouchard
Tiger & Cynthia Pennington
Timothy Phillips
Victer Chesmore
Victor Crentsil
Victoria Carr-Ware
Victoria Youell
William Reilly