Rev. Dr. Justin Tanis is a creative queer theologian and activist with a wealth of pastoral experience. His classic, Transgender–Theology, Ministry and Communities of Faith, is now available again for faith communities and university students struggling to include trans-people. It is a primer for understanding the spiritual journeys of transgendered people, examining the biblical support for inclusion, and provides faith communities guidelines for hospitality. His notion of ‘gender as a calling’ is a creative theological proposal for all of us to recognize our own gender calling and the diverse callings of the marginalized. Tanis imaginatively uses the image of twilight space of dawn and dusk, in-between space occupied by trans-people. His theology impacted my own commitment to transgendered rights and inclusion. At this time of conservative religious targeting the advances of trans-gendered people, we need the prophetic theological voice of Justin Tanis’ compassionate inclusion.

Review by Rev. Dr. Robert E. Shore-Goss, Queer Theologian and author of Jesus Acted Up

Great for:

Those who want an in-depth, comprehensive look at how being transgender intersects with theology, ministry, and communities of faith. The author describes gender as a ‘calling,’ which is a unique perspective.