Queering is a method that I use theologically. As a verb, “to queer” means to spoil or interfere with. If the theological system is already spoiled, spoiling the spoiled system to make it more inclusive of folks disenfranchised from Christianity is a good. This book is divided into four areas that I queer: sexuality, the Christ, the Bible, and theology. These form the quadrants of my spirituality that aims at the queer reconstruction of Christianity, and they reflect a life that aims to integrate the depths of spirituality and sexuality with a practice of justice. Much of the explicit material on justice does not appear in this volume but is reserved for the sequel to Jesus Acted Up.

Information from the preface by author Robert E. Goss.

Great for:

Those who have read Jesus Acted Up and would like to dive even deeper into a theology that goes beyond what is traditionally professed in churches today.