All along I have been struck by the urgency of contemporary issues in sexual ethics, not in spite of but along with the many other urgent ethical issues that demand our attention today. What happens in the sexual sphere of human life is not isolated from what happens in other spheres – whether familial, religious, social, political, or economic. The possibilities for human flourishing in general are nurtured or hindered by the ways in which we live our sexual lives. Everyone is aware of not only the fulfillment and joy promised through human sexuality, but the harm, violence, and stigma that unjust actions, relationships, and attitudes bring to our sexual selves. Perhaps never before have words of healing and hope been so needed, especially from the churches. This book offers a challenge in this regard, even as it attempts to provide ways of thinking about sex and sexuality that will be useful for individuals and social institutions.

Excerpt from the preface, by author Margaret Farley.

Great for:

Clergy and lay looking to reframe – or even begin a discussion – about human sexuality at large and not just in the LGBTQ+ sphere. This book will challenge those raised in a purity culture or who believe that abstinence or the lack of enjoyment in the expression of human sexuality is how it should be.