Identiversity provides reliable and trustworthy educational resources about the real people in all of our lives through fact-based learning about gender and sexual identity. Our focus is: real people, real identities, real learning.

The identiversity digital learning hub is for everybody – all backgrounds and perspectives – and explores real learning about gender and sexual identity.

Our learning content organizes the most current information on gender and sexual identity and presents it in an easily read – and dare we say entertaining – format. This information is extensively reviewed to make sure it’s based on widely accepted research practices and highly credible processes. We use only the most rigorously peer-reviewed academic articles. Journalistic pieces and additional information are based on evidence-based research. We also include reports from governmental agencies, like the Center for Disease Control (CDC), reports from nonpartisan researchers like PEW Research and the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law, and other widely accepted groups like Gallup, where diverse groups of experts work to produce reports on specific topics.

We’re dedicated to authenticity and meeting people where they are so we include lots of personal stories about the Real People in all of our lives. The identiversity team makes sure the approach and content is right for the everyday user and we use these real stories, terms, and imagery to bring the information to life.

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A non-faith based exploration into topics surrounding gender identity and sexuality that broadly covers a wide range of pertinent, meaningful topics including bisexuality, aging, anatomy, and others.