At a time when the issue of homosexuality is polarizing the church and society on an unprecedented scale, journalist Michael Ford profiles gay and lesbian Christians from the United States, Great Britain, and Africa to explore the dynamics of being gay and spiritual in the twenty-first century. Through a series of moving and surprising portraits, Ford’s subjects offer revealing insights into their psychological and spiritual lives. The individuals profiled include women and men, ordained and lay, celibate, single, and in long-term relationships with or without the benefit of civil union or marriage. The book begins with an introductory overview of the variety of issues―ordination of gays, gay marriage, constitutional amendments―in which activists and politicians from both sides of the issue are embroiled. This engaging book offers a close-up look at the people behind the issues, and is a timely contribution to the ongoing debate.

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Great for:

Those interested in the stories from the people most directly affected by the ongoing debate over human sexuality in the church, in particular from those from varying backgrounds, theological understandings, and ordination status.