Anglican churches worldwide are sharply divided on homosexuality. The ‘south’ is said to be unanimously and consistently lined up against homosexuality as immoral and sinful, while the ‘north’ (except for some ‘orthodox traditionalists’) supports it. The differences between the two sides are fundamental and irreconcilable.

This extraordinary book, in development for several years, exposes this a myth. Christians in Africa, Asia, and throughout the developing world Рbishops, priests, and religious, academics and lay writers Рopen up dramatic new perspectives on familiar arguments and debates. They show that our understanding of sexuality has become narrow, inflexible and unimaginative. Other Voices, Other Worlds reveals a rich historical and cross-cultural complexity to the way in which homosexuality and same-sex relationships are understood and judged.

Information from the rear cover of the book.

Great for:

A perspective that challenges our traditional understanding of “us vs. them” in the debate on homosexuality, and that our world and its perspectives on homosexuality are much more complex. Also good for those who desire a specifically Anglican perspective on the subject.