Dear AWAB Members and Friends:


On June 24, 2022 the Supreme Court of the United States overturned the constitutional right of a woman to have an abortion. This decision came as no real surprise based on the earlier leaked draft opinion; however it still brings significant disappointment and alarm with it.


AWAB condemns this decision.


While the majority of this nation’s population is in favor of upholding the original Roe V. Wade decision, it has been reversed. The import of this decision goes far beyond the issue of reproductive rights; it threatens the privacy of every individual in America. Making individual moral and religious issues into legal decisions leads our society down a very dangerous path. Decisions regarding same sex marriage, LGBTQ+ rights to adopt, contraception, and anti-discrimination laws, among many others, are all potential targets for those who wish to impose their narrow beliefs on our diverse population.


The judges who make and uphold these monumental decisions are appointed and confirmed by those whom we elect in free and fair elections. It is the responsibility of all citizens to ensure that all that are entitled to vote are able to exercise that right. It is essential that the members and friends of AWAB become loud voices that advocate for those potential leaders who will uphold the privacy rights of all Americans. Every seat in the United States House of Representatives and one third of our United States Senate seats are up for election this coming November. In addition, many state and local positions will also be decided this fall. It has never been more important for everyone who believes in equal rights for all God’s people to become a loud and effective advocate for those who will guard those precious rights.


AWAB has made great progress in the past fifty years helping the LGBTQ+ community earn well deserved rights. Our commitment to continue these efforts becomes stronger in the face of this recent challenge. Together we can work toward fulfilling God’s plan.


Bob Sittig
AWAB Board Chair