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Rev. Jim Hopkins was the pastor of Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church in Oakland, California, when it was voted to be disfellowshipped from the American Baptist Churches of the West for being Welcoming and Affirming.

…in the afternoon, the vote was held, yep, these churches were in violation of the sixth criteria and needed to be voted out. Again, those that spoke against it said, look around. Look at who you’re telling you don’t belong… you’re telling them they’re a cancer in the body and need to be cut out? That they somehow have inadequately followed the teachings of Jesus? Is that really what you intend to say? Vote was taken, we’re guilty.

Rev. Jim Hopkins

Pastor, Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church, Oakland, CA

The American Baptist Churches of the West had five criteria for churches to be in fellowship with their region, all five of which Lakeshore Avenue was fulfilling magnificently. However, because Lakeshore Avenue was welcoming and affirming of the LGBTQ+ community, a new criteria was created and the very same afternoon it was approved, Lakeshore Avenue was excluded from its region.

The LGBTQ+ community has heard and lived this very story, time and time again. Since 1993, AWAB has been supporting churches in being and becoming Welcoming and Affirming of all people regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. This Pride, find a Baptist church that finally welcomes and affirms you for exactly who you are, and doesn’t invent ways to kick you out.




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