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    To become a member of the Association of Welcoming & Affirming Baptists please upload the following before sending us your application:
  • Please know that AWAB does not require adherence to a prescribed statement or specific use of language. We offer some samples below. If you need additional help, please contact the AWAB office.
  • Briefly outline the source of your W&A statement and the process by which it was drafted. A brief one page narrative describing your process and any minutes reflecting the decision would be helpful as we review your application. We are particularly interested in how your statement was approved—was the statement approved by a particular board, voted on by the whole church, was it a consensus decision, etc? Make sure to include the date of its approval.
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  • As a member-supported​ organization we depend upon your financial gift to keep the work of AWAB going.
    Some congregations make AWAB a part of the Mission Budget, others hold an annual Special Offering. We encourage all of our members to let their individual members know that becoming a Friend of AWAB will help us grow our ministry of inclusion for all!
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    If you'd like to mail your membership check, please send it to
    PO Box 7834
    Louisville, KY 40257