The Olin T. Binkley Memorial Baptist Church in Chapel Hill, NC is seeking a part-time Business & Facilities Manager! The description for this position is below. To apply, please contact


The Business Manager will provide bookkeeping support to the Finance Committee in tracking the church’s budget and preparing budget reports. This includes providing requested information for the independent audit of the church’s finances. He/she provides facilities management by setting priorities for work on and around Binkley and overseeing the work of the Sexton. He/she will be supportive of Binkley Baptist Church’s mission to build compassionate and joyful community, freely exploring spiritual paths, and pursuing justice and peace in the way of Jesus.


1. Maintain church financial records electronically, including contributions, fees, gifts, expenditures, and payroll.
2. Ensure that back-up copies of electronic records are created, filed, and maintained with each budget update, quarterly or more often as needed. Experience in using PowerChurch online software highly desirable.
3. Assist Finance Committee in developing annual budget.
4. Prepare Binkley Church checks for signature / electronic transfers by authorized personnel.
5. Coordinate with Ministry Support Manager and Building Use and Grounds Committees on all building user fees, payments, and recording. Prepare monthly and annual reports for Building Use Committee.
6. Maintain accounts paid ledger including verification of invoices, preparation and distribution of checks / electronic payments and posting.
7. Complete monthly bank and credit card reconciliation reports along with quarterly Binkley Endowment Fund adjustments.
8. Prepare sales tax refund reports for signature by Chair of Finance Committee.
9. Develop proposed annual office budget.
10. Review and process all requests from insurance carrier including annual workers compensation audit for Binkley Church.
11. Maintain all employee payroll and benefits records including vacation, sick leave, Flexible Spending Plans, and Ministers and Missionaries Retirement Boards retirement programs.
12. Assist Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Chair of Finance Committee, and Building Use Chair as requested.
13. Set priorities for work on and around Binkley’s facilities in conjunction with Church Building Committee. Interact with Sexton and service providers to ensure that facilities are well maintained.
14. Respond to emerging issues with building needs at they are brought up by staff, members and other building users.
15. Provide phone and office coverage at times when other staff are not in the building