Compiled by Cody J. Sanders

The following bibliography comes from “Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth:
A Resource for Congregations in Dialogue on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity” and is used by permission to support your work in being Welcoming & Affirming.

Note to Readers: Titles marked with an asterisk (*) denote helpful titles for beginning stages of exploration. These titles are appropriate starting places for an introductory exploration for individuals and groups.

Titles marked with (‡) denote more “advanced” texts, useful for individuals and congregations having already adopted a welcoming and affirming stance toward LGBTQ persons and wishing to develop further in education, understanding, and ministry.



Film & Video

Fall From Grace (2007)
Documentary about Rev. Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church exploring the dynamics of religiously inspired hatred of LGBT people.

Fish Out of Water (2009)
Documentary using animation and academic interviews to explore the relationship and tensions between the Bible and sexual orientation.

For The Bible Tells Me So (2007)
Documentary following five families with a gay or lesbian son or daughter with commentary from scholars and ministers, including Desmond Tutu.

God & Gays: Bridging the Gap (2008)
Documentary about the struggle of reconciling sexuality and spirituality.